Risk Management & Safety

Web Languages Used:

HTML, CSS, Jquery

Software Used:

Adobe Fireworks, Photoshop, Dreamweaver

About the Project & Process:

This project was completed during my time as an intern at Ohio University's Office of Risk Management and Safety. They had a very dated website which was in desperate need of a redesign.

Ohio University had recently redesigned its main site and had started pushing the idea of strong brand identity across all departments. For the short term, I altered the previous design to use better images and official brand colors as identified by the University.

Also during this time, I began work on a complete redesign of the site. Coincidentally this came during a time of retructuring of the office, which required many pages to be added and others removed. Overall the site consisted of 100+ pages, each of which had to be moved over to the new design.

In terms of design, it is heavily influenced by Ohio University's official site. This was a conscious decision by me to ensure visitors they are on an official Ohio University site. I did, however, make a number of obvious tweaks which gives the site more polish and identity.

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