The Viscom Show

Web Languages Used:

HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP

Software Used:

Photoshop, Fireworks, Drupal

Skills Required:

Working on a very tight deadlines, planning, research.

About the Project & Process:

The School of Visual Communication at Ohio University holds an annual art show at "The Dairy Barn" in Athens, Ohio. This year the school wanted a website to go along with the physical show. This design is one of roughly ten other designs competing to be chosen for the event.

For this project I wore many hats, the most important of which were that of both designer and developer. I worked along with one other person to complete this site. It took roughly 5 weeks to go through all the stages of research, planning, design, and development. This site is still a work in progress so much of the actual content is dummy content which was submitted for last year's show.

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